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Between a Rock and a Hard Place

May 16, 2016

Rocks of ages…a beautiful post by Tonia Parronchi on the importance of having and being a rock.


I have just shared a photo on Facebook, entitled Rock Bottom; a very curvaceous rock indeed, which brought a smile to my face this morning and confirms my love affair with stones of all sorts. My friend, fellow Sunpenny author, Stephanie Parker McKean commented on the photo immediately, as I knew she would. She makes rock sculptures in her garden and finds choosing and handling the stones therapeutic. So we share a passion for pebbles!

My poor, long-suffering husband puts up with my obsession. He is used to me shouting out as we drive along, “Stop, I saw a sign to an Etruscan tomb over there!” Or poring over a map before a day out and squeaking in excitement, “Look, there is a dolmen just off our route, shall we stop?”

friends, trees and rocks

Me and my sister-in-law on a dolmen in France

Being Italian he has seen so many Roman ruins and Etruscan…

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