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May 15, 2016

Just too moving for more words

Gillswriting - Life with a Dotty Old Bat and her Suitcase

Frankie has remained on my mind. Despite my efforts to expunge the frustration fireball from my belly by piercing it with my sword (pen). The concept of Frankie and all the Frankie’s and Baraka’s and Mary’s and Violet’s and … so on and so forth (to be clear all the kids / people here who simply need a chance, an opportunity to learn but are denied this by the government system, family poverty or just plain familial lack of interest) has haunted me.

I have created a folder entitled STORIES IN BRIEF and started to catalogue the tales I have heard about the injustices inflicted on children here, I have created the characters and given them good old-fashioned western names to protect their identities or because some are third hand tales told to me by others who working directly with the children. Some tales have been placed in SHORT STORY COLLECTION…

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  1. Thank you so much for the re blog and the kind words of support. Many more tales to come including a fair few happy ones I promise. xxx

  2. You are an amazing woman Gill! I will be following your posts. It’s great that you share them on the FB blogging page as I go there often!

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