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Meet DI Gillian Marsh – My Guest Author Anna Legat’s unlikely heroine.

May 8, 2016

A great interview and a peek into a riveting new character via Jane Risdon’s fabulous blog!

Jane Risdon

Today my Guest Author is


Back in February I was honoured to be a guest on her blog and so today I am returning the favour.

Anna Legat - AuthorAnna Legat – Author

 Anna is going to tell us something about

A Day in the Life of

DI Gillian Marsh

 Anna’s detective.

Anna, who is DI Marsh and where can we find her?

DI Gillian Marsh is the troubled heroine of my crime series,

published by Accent Press, launched on 28th April 2016.

Swimming with Sharks by Anna Legat published 28th April 2016Swimming with Sharks by Anna Legat published 28th April 2016

The series includes Swimming with Sharks,

Nothing to Lose,

Nothing to Lose by Anna LegatNothing to Lose by Anna Legat

Thicker than Blood,

Thicker than Blood by Anna LegatThicker than Blood by Anna Legat

 and a few more titles yet to be confirmed.

Impressive, good luck on your publication day.

Let’s drop in on Gillian and see what she is up to:

Meet Gillian –…

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  1. Thanks so much for the reblog – really appreciate it. 🙂 xx

  2. Many thanks for reblogging, Val! xx

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