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Mothering Sunday: consider the gift which keeps on giving….

March 7, 2016

A terrific initiative by Jane.

Jane Risdon

Chantry Chapel of Our Lady (Eastbridge Hospital) (c) Jane Risdon 2015Chantry Chapel of Our Lady (Eastbridge Hospital) (c) Jane Risdon 2015

This weekend in the United Kingdom families will be celebrating Mothering Sunday.  Mothers will receive gifts and cards, be taken out to lunch or dinner and generally spoiled.  Graves of long departed mothers will be visited and fresh flowers left, and thoughts will turn to the person who brought us into this world.

Some of us will be visiting our parent under different circumstances.  Our parent may well be sick, possibly cared for in a Hospice by those with specific skills and a vocation for caring for the terminally ill.  My own mother is still alive and well, however my father passed away after a brief spell in a Hospice, where he was cared for extremely well.  

So I have personal experience of the wonderful care the Hospice movement provides.

Hospices, by the way, depend solely upon contributions to…

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