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Technology and Me!

January 31, 2016

I so enjoyed this post by Tonia Parronchi. I can really really relate to this!


Technology and me … do not go together well, at all!

It is one of those well-known facts that you cannot be good at everything. Well, I am good with words but useless at maths. I am a good cook but try to toss me an apple and it will inevitably fall “splat” at my feet. I was the last to be chosen for any sport (except swimming, at which I excelled for some reason) at school. My feet were at serious risk when throwing the javelin, I skived off the cross-country runs to take the short cut through the woods, and do not think I have ever hit any ball aimed at me during tennis, netball or hockey games.

I can write on the computer and even managed to set up my own website and this blog page, but it is a good job no one was in the…

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