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Music Review : Aurora – ‘The Conqueror’

January 20, 2016

Being a music fan too, I like this blog by Derveswerve about a new singing talent to come out of Norway.


Aurora Live Jan 16

Aurora Aksnes, is a Norwegian singer/songwriter whose star is currently burning brightly in the sonic skies.  Having gone from nought to sixty on the notoriously difficult track of the WW music circuit in the past 12 months, Aurora’s career is now very much in the uber ascendant, with the eyes of worldwide media firmly fixed upon her every musical move.

Known simply as Aurora (a sign of the extent to which her fame has grown), this unique and immensely talented artist is continuing to blaze her musical trail into 2016 with the unexpected release of single, ‘The Conqueror’, a song which features on the FIFA ’16 soundtrack.  The track is accompanied by a quirky David Heath directed visual, set in a dark, wintry, star-filled night-scape.  The video centres on a fluttering kaleidoscope of butterflies that eventually come to rest upon a solitary, bare branched tree.

“Broken mornings, broken nights…

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One Comment
  1. Love the symbolism of her music career success: a fluttering kaleidoscope of butterflies giving a solitary, bare-branched tree new life and beauty!

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