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To the farmer, forgive us …

January 18, 2016

Oh my goodness. This post made me cry….


To the farmer, forgive us …

I am not a farmer, my husband and myself have a small holding just outside Bloemfontein where we farm with a few sheep and Lucerne. Today was a heart wrenching day for me. My Damara – ram “Oupa” refused to stand up. I tried everything to get him to get back up but alas. He was laying in the sun and I tried to drag him towards the shade as the heat was unbearable. He fought with a younger ram and I suspect that he obtained injury to his skull. I have to also say that he was very old. He had a great life, always fed, enough water and was taken care of like a king. The draught was not the reason he passed. I stared into his eyes while he lay there. I felt so helpless. I sat next to him and…

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  1. Pass the tissues! Thanks for such a heartwarming & moving story.

  2. Special isn’t it, Steph? It really struck a chord with me too!

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